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The Full Story

I am a danish architect  on the mission of bringing SENCEMAKING and Nordic design thinking to Munich.

I come with 15+ years of experience as an architect and interior designer, having worked out of Copenhagen, Denmark and Guadalajara, Mexico

My educational background is a master’s degree in sustainable architecture from Aarhus school of Architecture, Denmark, from 2007.


In my vision of the future workspace is SENCEMAKING


In my work, I put high emphasis on optimizing the relationship between space and the human senses vision, hearing, touch and spatial orientation.  Therefor daylight, air quality, acoustics, ergonomics, and sustainability are core building stones in my work

In my vision, future design thinking is founded on human sensibilities. By understanding and working with the human senses, we can create a stronger special experience for the individual employer.

By sensibilizing the workspace, creating room for diversity, I strongly believe, that we can encourage creativity and thus, create a strong foundation for Innovation!


I have a strong love for natural materials, and I have a passion for craftsmanship and Nordic design tradition.

The foundation of my work is based on a resilient design strategy, which is designed in close cooperation with my clients.

Interior design is about storytelling. A business core story and values should always be readable in the design story

Each project is individually fitted to my client’s needs

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Sara Jung Sommer, Architect / Arkitektin, M.A./Cand. Arch. 
Tel +49 (0) 151 54621529
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